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1st Place: $100 & DFS Scholarship

2nd Place: DFS Scholarship

The top three entries will have a

professional shoot for the final video.

Submission Deadline: February 15th

A chance to use your creativity and be a part of our

winter dance film. All entries will be edited together to form one video, released at a later date. The top three dancers will have a chance to film their winter creation on set.

   Video Guidelines 

  • Under 60 seconds.

  • All ages and experience levels welcome to submit.

  • Must be shot vertically.

  • Can be shot inside or outside.

  • Try to use natural lighting.

  • Use whatever social media app (there is a TikTok) you want to record the video, or simply just the camera on your phone.

  • Use the selected music (see below).

  • Creative costuming is a must - Use anything you can find to become a winter-inspired creature.

  • Movement can be improvised or choreographed.

  • Have fun!

   Submission Options

  • Make a TikTok from our sound - @danceforscreen

  • Email the video to

  • Send the video through Facebook messenger to our Facebook

  • Have a better idea? Let us know.

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