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we make dance videos.

Dance film production centered around community workshops.

Brenton Wildman


Brenton received his degree in Film Production in 2014 and spent the next three years freelancing around the world. After starting his video production business in 2017 he teamed up with long time friend Angela Zarnke to bring a new form of art to Central Wisconsin.

Angela Zarnke


Angela studied Dance at UWSP earning a Bachelors's degree. She Performed in their yearly productions of Afterimages and Danstage. She has been teaching and choreographing in a studio setting for 15+ years. Loves and appreciates all things dance/art related

Our Partners


Central Wisconsin Children's Theater

Costume/Props/Reahearsal Space

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Whitewater Music Hall 

Film Premiere Venue


Oh, Snow

Music Composition


Wildman Creative

Video Production

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Wausau Academy of Dance

Rehearsal Space

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